Monday, July 6, 2009


What's crazy is that you can give a person so much credit... Only to find out in the end that the joke is, was, and is still on you. All the warning signs were there but you never payed attention at all. Missing all day and calling you in the AM to tell you that they were asleep from work... Hmmmm... Then one day you two are riding in a car and he ask you a question, quite strange might i add... "If i got another girlfriend to make you mad, would you be pissed off?? Idk then you ask, "why would you ask me a question like that" but he pretty much says nothing and changes the subject. Or you two go far out to have dinner everytime you guys wanna go out. Idk about you but that would seem a little suspect to me. Maybe he doesn't want to bump into her... Idk Or you have a phone car charger but he had rather his phone go dead... Idk about that either. I wouldn't think it ever went dead he might just turn it off when he is with her. Boy o Boy... What happens when he gets caught? It all makes sense to you now right... I thought so! The under the table texting while you two are out. The asking if you will always be there because he knew his days of being sneaky was coming to an end.... Guess today just Aint his day!! Bottom line is that it is not okay to cheat! Just stay single and do you! Don't drag people into your lies and BS... These days people are crazy!! Do you think that someone just wrote those songs for Jazmine Sullivan & Carrie Underwood just to write them? No! Because it's truth in those situations! But that's when you go Decode ladies... You want to know why but then again you don't. You want an apology but then again you don't. Becasue trust ladies he really aint sorry about cheating... He's only sorry that he got caught! Wow Just wanted to write a blog on how slick some people think they really are... Also there is no need for games just live the single life if your not ready for a relationship & the devotion that comes with it....

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